Here’s to 2018

It’s almost 2018. The thought of a new year just blows my mind.

2017 was really good to me and my family.

It was a year I finally started to adjust the balance in my life and add some “me” weights to the scale. I started figuring out how to be myself again while still loving motherhood.

I decided to get some professional help and have finally been able to chill out lol.

My family rallied around me this spring while I studied hard and took a million photos during photography school – OK maybe not a million, but this year I’ve snapped about 50,000.

I launched my photography business in May and absolutely love having it.

This year we’ve celebrated Luca despite disapproval from local authorities. I sat in a field surrounded by thousands of floating lanterns as I dreamed of my baby boy. I told stories about him to my youngest two kids and I held him close to my heart when he felt too far away.

We visited another country in 2017 and spent a week on a golden-sand beach in Mexico. Sometimes I dream my toes are still in the sand.

And we bought another home in 2017. My husband’s grandpa’s farm house in a quiet, peaceful city in northern Utah. It’s a place where my kids can run around and explore. A place where I can sit still.

As 2017 comes to a close I am happy. Happy for the things I have learned this year. Happy for the fun I’ve had. Happy for those I get to spend my life with.

Here’s to 2018. Here’s to finding more balance, more peace. Here’s to more outdoor adventures and less backyard drama. Here’s to enjoying the little things. Here’s to doing more of what I love while surrounded by those that I love. And here’s to snapping more pictures of it all along the way.

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