Kennedy Ranch

Randolph -7

I’ve always been a city girl. I grew up going to the movies, eating at restaurants and shopping at the mall with my mom and sisters.

Sure, there was a stint where I went country dancing every week and I have always loved Garth Brooks, but that’s about it.

My husband on the other hand is a country boy. He didn’t grow up on a farm with animals and horses, but he did grow up in a small town with a country feel.

A place where there were less than 200 people in his high school graduating class and he told me everyone waves to everyone when driving by.

And he spent time in his summers in an even more remote, country place – Randolph, Utah – helping his grandpa move sprinkler pipe on his ranch.

You could say opposites attracted when it came to me and him.

For the past 14 years we’ve satisfied my city heart by living in suburbia. It wasn’t until this fall that we were able to tie his roots back to the country. Back to Randolph.

How? My husband and his brother bought his grandpa’s Randolph home.

It’s a cute, small country home on an acre of land in what I would say is the middle of nowhere.

My husband couldn’t be happier.

It’s been an adventure. We’ve spent some time cleaning out the place and helping his grandpa sort through his belongings. My kids and I took a Saturday and cleaned out the small barn in the back yard.


I have never shoveled that much pooh. Never. And no amount of county line dancing could have prepared me for scooping out the two cat skeletons we found trapped in there. It was horrifying.


But on the other hand it was really rewarding.

Buying the house has been a great experience for my family.

Randolph is a different world. A world where we can escape from our busy, hectic city lives.

My boys think they are cowboys. My oldest now blares country music. They all want cowboy boots for Christmas. And they spend more time outside in that small town then they EVER do at home.

They run around our field looking for hidden treasures. They shoot arrows into hay bales in the back yard. They walk to the creek down the street and head to the neighboring arena to watch friends rope cattle. And my oldest would live at the reservoir if we let him.

We’ve got some remodeling work to do, but most of the time heading to our “ranch” house will be a well-appreciated break. I’m sure you’ll all hear about it on here and I’m dying to blog about our renovation projects. Life is so good.

When I see my kids running, exploring, laughing in the country, I’m glad they are going to get to live in both worlds. We are truly blessed.

Here are some pictures from our exploring adventures:

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