Step it Up


I used to joke that I didn’t need to workout because I got enough exercise chasing around my kids and keeping house. This month I have realized that it’s really not a joke.

Sure I should make it a point to set aside regular exercise time, but I started tracking my steps a month ago and it has been eye opening. I take a lot more steps than I thought. Those steps must be good for something!

In fact I walk so much sometimes that my legs are tired and sore the next day. Like last week. I went on a walk in the morning, then spent the majority of my day walking up and down the stairs of my house and back and forth from bedroom to bedroom cleaning out toys and books. Finally, I walked in and out of the beautiful displays at the Festival of Trees. I racked up more than 22,000 steps. A new record for me!

That’s like 10 miles! (Depending on how you measure it or what website you check.) TEN MILES!?!?!?

I know I am not the only mom who runs around like this. I am sure there are many, many of you walking miles and miles each day while taking care of your family.

Why does it matter?

For me it makes me feel better about “staying home.” I’m not just chilling on the couch eating bonbons watching soap operas.

I’ve known that for a long time but now I have something to quantify how much I’m moving.

I started tracking because our new insurance will give me $1 into my HSA each day that I walk more than 8,000 steps up to $20 a month. It’s awesome! I can now turn my motherhood activity into a monetary investment.

But more than than just money, it’s an investment into my health. I know it sounds cheesy, but getting up and getting moving is good for my body and soul.

So, if there are any moms out there feeling bummed for not getting to the gym or having time to formally workout each day, STOP. Being a mom is hard work and requires a lot out of a woman – mentally and physically. Download a fitness tracker app and start paying attention to all the ways you are moving and grooving. You may be surprised like I was.

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