Waking up Walking


Peer pressure.

The only thing that could get me up before the sun.

Positive, inspiring, friendly peer pressure.

And I’m glad I’ve been pressured.

A couple of months ago I started walking with friends every morning. We started going at 7 a.m. before the sun made the day too hot.

But with school coming we bumped up the time.

These days I set my alarm for 5:45 a.m. Something that I NEVER thought I would be happy about doing. But I set it so I can get my butt out of bed to go walking with friends. And it’s changed my morning outlook.

I love being able to get out and get moving.

I’m not looking to lose weight or slim down, heaven knows my nightly ice cream bowl is counterproductive, but I love getting my heart pumping. I know it’s making me a healthier person.

And it’s definitely helping with my mental health.

I get one hour of active exercise as well as one hour of active social life. I have 60 minutes with my friends. Other moms who are struggling with similar struggles. Other moms who are tired when their alarm sounds before 6 a.m. Other moms who let me vent my frustrations and share my embarrassments.

We laugh, we yawn and we walk.

It good for my body and soul.

I still relish the evenings. The quiet times when my kids are in bed and I can get some work done or just sit quietly reading or watching a movie. I think I’ll always be a night owl.

But I have come to rely on these morning walks to help me through my crazy life. I can’t imagine sleeping through them.

Thank heavens for good friends and positive peer pressure. I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, leave my warm, comfy bed for anything else!

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