I know nothing about the sport of wrestling. But my oldest two boys fight and wrestle all the time so I figured they’d enjoy it. So I signed them up for a wrestling clinic at the local high school.

It brings a smile to my face when I think about watching them at the clinic.

You should see them summersault across the wrestling mats during warm-ups. They haphazardly tuck and roll in zigzag lines all over the place.

And I can’t even begin to describe their push-ups. My seven-year-old could not stick his rear in the air any higher when he’s doing them. Sometimes he’ll get done and tell the wrestling coach that he did one extra.

You should have seen their faces when the coach asked them to do cartwheels.

Then they had to do the monster walk. Watching them glide across the floor without touching the ground with their hands the first couple times was hilarious.

They have learned a few moves and stances. I love watching them practice on other kids in the clinic. They don’t really know what they are doing but they give it their all despite being awkward and clumsy.

But it’s not just my boys who have struggled.

There are a few kids who know a lot about the sport but generally speaking, all of the kids are just starting to learn. That’s why it’s a clinic. I’m glad it’s a safe, confidence-building place for them to try it out.

We definitely aren’t a wrestling family. So they don’t know any rules, stances, moves, point values – nothing.

But they are diving right in and giving it all they have.

Tuesday night they learned the half Nelson something or other and I nearly got the giggles when they kept trying it. They’d twist their wrestling partner half around and try to pin them down.

Keep in mind my boys are lightweights.

Last night they learned how to fall down into some stance over their opponent. That was great.

At the end of each session they get to play a couple of games. My boys’ favorites have been Sharks and Minnows and Steal the Flag.

They get to run around with their shirts off trying to attack one another and steal each other’s flags aka shirts.

Last night after the clinic my 8-year-old stepped outside into the cold night air and shouted, “I feel so alive!”

I think they are thoroughly enjoying wrestling – and the fact that they get to run around with their shirts off for a little while.

Here’s to learning more and feeling more alive.

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