Summer Fun 2015

Summer has finally arrived at our house. Today is the last day of school and my kids are FINALLY all mine.

I’ve been killing myself on our kitchen remodel and so I’ve got nothing lately. No energy, no time and – thanks to the major remodel – no money. (Not really but it sure feels that way. Why do things always cost more than we plan on?)

Needless to say, I’m ready for a break – ready to put down my paintbrush and pick up a kickball.

I’ve spent the time I’ve sat nursing our baby girl lately surfing the Internet for new things to try this summer. I’ve posted some links in the past but I’ve added some new ones this year. (I hope we finally get around to making one of those water blobs.)

Here is a list of a few free or really cheap local events and some sites with homemade activities to try. I’m guessing we’ll have some major adventures trying to pull of some of these.

What are you going to do the next couple of months?

1. Weber State University sponsored Arts in the Park program- A rotation of free hands-on art activities that rotate to different parks in Ogden. For dates and times click here.

2. Weber State University sponsored Science in the Park program – A rotation of hands-on science activities where families can experiment for free. For dates and times click here.

3. Davis County Library summer fun events. From Clark Planetarium to the Living Planet Aquarium, kids can learn about things like space travel and protecting the rain forest.

4. Cinemark summer movie clubhouse. $5 for 10 movies or $1 for each show. Find your theater here.

5. Family First Mondays at Station Park in Farmington. Each first Monday of the month they have games, activities, entertainment and more. Specific details are here.

6. 30 Summer science experiments for kids.

7. The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Bored Kids.

8. 29-Dollar Store Finds That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer.

9. Yard Twister.

10. How to Make A Giant Water Bed.  

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