Luca’s Tree

luca's tree 1I have always wanted a Luca tree. He was born on Earth Day and the thought of planting a tree for him has always been in the back of my mind.

This year Luca would have been five. It was a milestone year and I wanted to do something special. So I contacted our city’s parks and recreation department and asked them if we could donate and plant a tree in his memory on his birthday April 22.

I was thrilled when they said yes.

We spent a night at my favorite local nursery a couple of weeks ago picking out Luca’s tree. We chose an Eastern Redbud. It’s bright fuchsia buds will always brighten and bloom in spring.

We took a dusty, bumpy road in a large 4-wheeler/gocart to a giant field filled with trees. We giggled and smiled while we bounced up and down.

We walked through rows and rows of beautiful Eastern Redbuds until we found one that was perfect for us. DSC_0513

I’ll never forget the man who took us to find it. He was so kind, so loving. The nursery was closing soon but he didn’t rush us. He took his time helping us find our tree then took pictures of our family in front of it.

It was a positive peaceful night.

When it came time to plant the tree a city employee marked the ground with a bright orange spray-painted circle so we would know where to remove the grass.

He gave us the perfect spot for the tree. It sits right next to a black metal park bench and lamppost that face the playground.

We met at the park last night to plant Luca’s tree. Friends and family each took turns shoveling and pulling the grass away. The dirt beneath the grass was filled with hard, thick clay. My dad and I ran to the neighboring hardware store and bought a giant pick shovel to ease the Earth.

When the hole was big enough, several of us scooted the tree over then helped ease it into its spot. We filled in dirt around it, tried to straighten it out as best as we could then we watered it with three giant buckets of water.

Now I hope it grows and grows.

I hope we can visit it when we play at the splash pad in the heat of summer. I hope we can throw out a blanket near its base as we watch movies in the park.

I hope to sit near it as I watch my other kids play on the playground. Then I can feel all of my babies near me.

Several years down the road I can picture myself heading to the library, picking out a new novel and sitting on the bench reading beneath the shade of Luca’s tree.

I hope to spend a lot of time there thinking of my angel and what he has taught me.

luca's tree 2

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  1. Elise
    Apr 23, 2015 @ 13:06:15

    Absolutely beautiful. And great choice on your tree! It’ll be so pretty every year on Luca’s birthday! (and I love that my parent’s house is right behind it in the last picture 😉 )


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