Gingerbread Mail

gingerbreadWhen you write a letter to Santa Claus you can send it to the North Pole. But does anyone know where you can send a letter written to the Gingerbread Man? That’s the ongoing question at our house these days.

We have two sealed white envelopes with return addresses in the upper left corner, but no mailing addresses.

What’s inside? Special invitations in first-grade penmanship. Invitations meant to entice the gingerbread man to our local elementary school where my 6-year-old and his friend are going to trick then trap the little sugary guy.

But, unfortunately we don’t know where to send his letter.

Naturally we’ve had several run-ins with the cookie man. He’s evaded us several times when we’ve baked cookies. We had an amazing adventure a couple of years ago when we nearly snagged him by his foot. He’s even escaped my boys when they made dough men at preschool.

They’ve used entire skeins of yarn setting up traps to ensnare him. They’ve tossed flour and rolled out dough several times only to find that he magically leaps from the oven. Every. Single. Time.

We are still on the hunt.

And so you can see why my boys are desperate to get these two letters to the gingerbread man. If anyone knows where he currently resides, please fill us in.

One of my sons thinks he lives at the South Pole and works for an evil Santa.

I think he may be rooming with the Keebler Elves in a mini tree inside the forest.

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