Tainted Food

NO! I seriously found a black hair in my wrap at my favorite restaurant! Now where am I going to eat? Because anyone who knows me well, knows that I won’t be able to swallow a trip back there for a while.

No matter how much a restaurant manager reassures me that his kitchen staff uses every precaution to prevent straying hair contaminations, I still can’t shake the fact that I nearly ingested a human hair that was trapped inside my meal.

Yuck! I don’t care that you rushed to make me a new wrap and gave it to me “gratis,” I still won’t be able to come back to dine for a while. My gag reflex is just too sensitive.

It’s been more than 5 years since I had a similar experience at a popular Salt Lake City restaurant. My girlfriend and I spotted a black hair in my pasta bowl at lunch. Seriously? Come on people. I still haven’t gone back there since.

When my husband and I were dating, I finally convinced him to try a fast-food Italian joint. I reassured him that they had awesome food, only to find a fly melted into the Swiss cheese of my sandwich. The manager didn’t even offer to give me my money back just another sandwich. Yeah right! Who can eat after that?

I don’t know what restaurants could do to win back customer loyalty after experiences like this. But I do have a suggestion for restaurant managers and waitresses out there. Don’t reassure customers that the black hair hanging from their food looked like an “eyelash” when it was sticking out at least an inch. I know that was no eyelash. Don’t tell me about your staff’s hairnet use and cautious cooking. Obviously they weren’t too cautious this time.

I think the best thing a manager could do is kindly apologize and be on their way. Accidents happen and I realize that, just leave me to swallow the acid in my throat and regain composure of my stomach.  Don’t make any excuses. I’ll come back to your restaurant when I’m ready to come back.

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