My Artistic Son

This is a picture of him thinking about pirates and how much he loves them.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a naked piece of paper at my house. Nearly 99.9 percent of all pages in our home have at least one doodle somewhere across their surface – especially if they are notebook bound.

This is a bleeding shark. Notice the frame? Yes, we had to make it a paper frame.

You see my four-year-old son has transformed into a full-blown artist, drawing for hours each day on anything he can get his hands on.

It is also difficult to find a working pen at our house. That’s my son’s true medium of choice – pen and hand-held notebook. He’ll draw for hours with a small book in hand, ripping each page out and handing it to me when it is “finished.”

What’s wrong with him drawing so much? I love my little artist but it’s nearly impossible to get him to do anything when

This is a whale shark eating tiny fish or plankton.

He found out I loved unicorns and so he went through a unicorn phase.

he’s drawing. He tunes the world out and focuses on his work. Forget about him coming to dinner and you can kiss cleaning his room goodbye. He always seems to be “almost finished” with each picture when I ask him to come. It’s been a major frustration for me at our house lately.

Honestly I am glad that he has found something creative and inspiring that he enjoys – it beats throwing rock at windows,

chasing me with muddy worms or beating up his 2-year-old brother. Who knows, maybe in 10 years I will beg him to draw instead of getting into trouble as a mischievous teenager.

This is a tracing from a toy gun. Notice the heart. He told me that means he loves guns.

But there is another problem with his new hobby. I am running out of display room in my home for his finished pieces. Normally I hang them up for a few days on our crowded fridge front. Then I save some of my favorites and toss the rest. I wish I could save more but we’re talking about dozens of pages each day.

I bet if you pieced together each of his drawings end to end, they’d reach halfway to China – mostly because he refuses to draw on the “back” of pages. He has to have a clean, fresh canvas for his masterpieces.

These are humans being eaten by sharks. Notice the blood?

I worry that one of these days he’ll see some of his work in the trash and it will crush him. I also worry that I will regret getting rid of his work. Maybe one day he’ll be famous like Van Gogh or Monet and I’ll want to show off his early shark-dinosaur-monster period.

Seriously, it has been fun to look at his drawings from six months ago and see how much he has grown as an artist. He’s getting really good. I’m amazed at his creativity and attention to detail. I love that his drawings allow me to see what goes through his preschool mind.

I particularly love how he depicts me – normally with angry eyebrows. Maybe I should let up on him a little and be happy that he has found something innocent that he truly loves.

This is one of his pictures of me. Notice the angry eyebrows and teeth?

This is another one of my favorites.

This is one of my favorites. It's a cat.

This picture is of a whale and three hammerhead sharks.

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