Costumed Out

20171017_161003Props to all you moms out there working on Halloween costumes. Because if your kids are anything like mine, it’s a major ordeal.

Why? Because there are lots of details that no one thinks about but mom. And no matter how certain my kids are of what they want to be, it never fails, one of them changes their mind at the last minute.

My 5-year-old did it this year. He wanted to be a dragon. Then a ninja. Then a ninja dragon. That’s the one he was certain about. He wanted to be a ninja dragon. (He keeps making these things up. Last year he was a lava wolf – who know what that is lol.)

We had a couple ninja costumes from his older brothers so I bought him a dragon mask on Amazon. Wahoo! Easy ninja dragon. I thought we were done.

Then last week he told me he’s back to wanting to be a regular dragon – no ninja. I nearly went all ninja on him. When he said that I thought, “I’m running out of time before our family Halloween party this weekend and I know I’m not going to get much done during fall break today and tomorrow.”


But I couldn’t let him down. If you’ve ever since him in action, you would know that he would make the best dragon.

So I took him to the second-hand store and we found a dragon bodysuit.

That was the good news. The bad news was it was about 5 sizes too big.

You can guess what I did Tuesday. My house is still a mess from picking apart the seams and shortening the lengths. Then sewing it all back together.

In the end it all worked out. He’s going to make one cool, fierce dragon.

But it’s frustrating.

So is finding all of the tiny things to go with the other costumes. Like the bodysuit and dress shoes that need to go with my 3-year-old’s Elsa costume. And the necktie that my oldest needs for his cowboy garb.

There are a million things to think about.

OK, maybe not a million, but some days it feels that way.

I think I’ve got it all worked out. Each of my children will get to live out their make-believe dreams and dress up in their character of choice.

I even found myself a Anna costume to wear along with my 3-year-old’s Elsa costume – she told me I had to be Anna because Elsa needed a best friend. Who would say no to that?

Let’s hope no one else changes their mind in the next three days before our party. Or I may have to go buy me a giant bag of Reese’s Pumpkins to get me through.


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