NyQuil. NyQuil has quickly become my new best friend.

Thankfully I don’t get sick very often, but when I do it’s bad. This time has been bad.

On a scale of 1 – I can do everything I normally can – to 10 – I would pay the $12.99 to have my groceries delivered to my house – I would say I’m an 11.

I’ve been struck with a terrible head cold and infected toe. I finally caved over the weekend and went to instacare. But the doctor on duty couldn’t help with my foot. So I went back on Monday.

It was too infected to work on so I had to wait a couple days for the antibiotic to kick in.

Yesterday they fixed my toe and I stayed in bed all day. Thank heavens my mom and husband helped with my kids.

Because moms don’t get sick days.

Which is probably why I get so sick. I keep going and going, hoping that it will pass me by. There are meals to make, floors to vacuum and homework to check. And then I have all the extra projects I want to get done like canning and painting.

I keep checking stuff off my to-do list while not feeling well – overdoing it all the while. Then I find myself unable to get out of bed I’m so exhausted. Ugh.

As I lay in bed yesterday I realized that none of it matters. Who cares if my floor needs mopping? Who cares if the dishes aren’t clean? Heaven only knows how my boys’ bedrooms look right now.

When you’re laying in bed so sick you don’t know what day it is, none of that matters. Sure it will probably start driving me nuts when I finally get my strength back. It will get to me eventually. I’ll most likely spend a good day or two catching up on my housework and projects.

But until then I’m going to rest. Rest from my housework. Rest from my chores. We all could use a little rest sometimes – even if it is because we are sick.

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