Priceless Pennies


My boys are always trying to strike it rich. From selling candy bars to picking dandelions, they have tried nearly everything to raise or earn money.

Their latest endeavor is priceless pennies.

They have decided they are going to search as many coins as they can until they find those that will make them rich – ones that rare, misprinted or out of circulation.

It’s unlikely that they’ll come a cross a major money maker, but I have to give it to them this time. Trading in something that is worth $0.01 for something that’s worth much more is pretty brilliant.

And as long as I’m not the one forking out the money – like when I paid them to pick all my weeds – I think it’s a harmless new past time.

What does their new job look like? It’s hundreds, no thousands of coins spread across my counter at dinner time. It’s me taking them to the bank to trade in $16 in cash for 32 rolls of pennies.

It’s magnifying glasses thoroughly examining each coin to make sure they aren’t worth more than face value.

It’s them tearing through our house’s penny-catching crevices in hopes that they are hiding a true treasure.

My boys have ripped through my wallet, laundry-pile and couches. They have dumped their siblings penny jars and have scoured through their grandparent’s stashes. They have even pestered the neighbor for her loose change.

Secretly I hope they find a coin worth millions. Until then, I’ll stack their sorted jars and keep waiting.

So far this is all they’ve come up with I bet it’s not worth more than 17 cents:


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