Time Change Zombie Effect

Dear Daylight Savings,

You win! Once again you have completely kicked my butt.

I’m on day five of this new time and I am so tired I can’t think straight.

I had high hopes for the change this spring. I was looking forward to longer evening light when I could practice my photography skills. I even had hopes that my early-bird kids would sleep in for a week or so while they adjusted to the change.

HAHAHAHA. My kids must be working with you. They are out to get me too.

They slept in for half a day. Then they adjusted. I think they are robots.

Yesterday my youngest got up at 5:30 a.m. which was 4:30 a.m. for her just a week ago.

She cried in the corner for 10 minutes because she didn’t want me to cook her a sausage for breakfast, she wanted her dad too. She finally calmed down and ate one bite of the sausage I cooked before she cried and shouted again because she didn’t want regular cheese with it she wanted string cheese. A half-hour later she cried because she didn’t want to wear the shoes that I picked out for her. This was the pattern all…morning…long…she was just too tired to be awake. But she can’t help it. She’s thrown off. I’m thrown off.

Again, I am so tired that I can’t think straight!

You would think that because I’m so tired it would be easy to get to sleep at night.

Not so. You got me on that one too. By the time I’m ready to go to bed I’m not sleepy. I lay there for more than an hour because I’m not used to going to sleep at that time. I stress about not being able to sleep and so I lay there longer – wide-eyed.

By the time I doze off it’s after midnight and in just a few hours my baby girl gets up.

It’s a cycle of sleep deprivation that I can’t bust out of. AGHHH.

I hate you and I love you. And I just can’t get rid of you. So I’m going to take it easy this week and let the dishes pile up in my sink. I’m not going to vacuum and I’m skipping the toilet cleaning. I may even sneak a cat nap in this afternoon. I can’t do anything extra. Like enjoy that extra light in the evenings that I was looking forward to. Not when I’m this tired.

Maybe next week will be better.

Catch you in November,

Zombie Mom

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  1. talkincurly
    Mar 16, 2017 @ 12:32:12

    No matter what time of year…Spring Forward, Fall Back….it always messes me up! And somehow, kids are unaffected! I despise DST. Let’s boycott it. You in?


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