Kitchen Remodel Clemens Style

It’s been like Christmas for me for more than a month now. Why? Because our 18-month long kitchen remodel wrapped up completely in November. Wahoo!

It took longer and was more expensive than we planned, but most of the projects around here shake out that way. It’s now finished. And it’s beautiful. I don’t even dare cook in it.


We started in April 2014. We ripped out all the old cabinets and the soffit above the cabinets. I wanted to maximize every inch possible.

My boys loved helping us tear out the wall between the kitchen and living room. Again I wanted to maximize the space.

It sounds so easy when I summarize it in this post. But it was long and hard. If you are looking to test the strength of your marriage, try a major remodeling project. My poor husband has to deal with my indecisiveness and my anxiety when my house is in a mess.

We ran into several hiccups during the process – like waiting for what felt like FOREVER to get the cabinets installed, having mounds and mounds of insulation tumble on top of us when the soffit came down, finding a major leak behind the sheetrock and into the basement laundry room, discovering that it was virtually impossible to remove the wire mesh under the tiles we tried to replace.

But probably the most shocking and stirring kink in our plans was my parents house burning down when we were a week into the kitchen remodel. We had no stove and no kitchen sink but we wanted to have them around as much as possible.

People in their neighborhood were bringing meals into my family while we took shifts sorting through my parents ashes. They brought meals into my broken apart kitchen. It was a mess. But then again it was also a blessing. People were so generous. Watching my parents go through that gave me more patience with the builders and cabinet makers. It put things into perspective.


Most of the remodel was done in a few months. We had the cabinets in place, we replaced several tiles that were left open when we rearranged the floor plan. We took out the florescent lighting and installed can lights. We put in a light and fan in the living room. We tore a hole in the wall to the garage and put in a door to get to our vehicles. We put in a tile backsplash. We installed granite countertops and a granite composite sink. All of that came together quickly.

I think we got burned out after that and we took a break.

This fall we were ready to finish. We had enough saved up to buy new appliances when Black Friday sales hit. They were installed right before Thanksgiving. I couldn’t be happier.


That inspired me to wrap up the other tiny things. I caulked around the cabinets, stained the grout in the tile so it all matched, carpeted the stairs in the garage (we had leftover carpet from the tree house so why not?) and put up some under-the-cabinet lights.

We bought four more red barstools and a counter-height kitchen table so that we can extend things to seat ten when we have people over.


We also put in a gate in the garage. Eventually I may put a pantry in there but I wanted a gate to open so I could shove groceries onto the landing from the ground floor. I love it!

When I look at pictures of how it turned out I can’t believe that they are pictures of my own kitchen. I am so blessed.

Here are some before and after shots:







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  1. talkincurly
    Dec 22, 2016 @ 12:21:39

    What a beautiful transformation! It is gorgeous! I’m so happy for you that it’s all done and things have settled down… At least until the next project….. 😉


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