I Quit and I’m Not Sorry

dsc_0304Well I did it again. I quit something.


Because I have mountains of clothes to wash, dishes overflowing in my sink, I sometimes go days without showering and there is a constant need to vacuum over here. Like constantly.

So I quit.

I stopped teaching my boys piano lessons.

We tried. We spent two years pounding the ivories and arguing about practicing. (I think we’ve had one official lesson the entire first six months of the year.)

It was too hard.

Too hard to get my boys to focus.

Too hard to keep the little ones at bay.

Too hard to nag them every single day.

I couldn’t handle the pressure. So I let it go.

And then I gave it to someone else.

I signed them up for piano lessons from our neighbor. She is amazing.

They started one month ago and they are secretly loving it. Each of them has started writing his own song and they’ve put a mini recorder in by the music stand so they can record what they play and listen to it over and over while they perfect their masterpieces.

They have started plunking out the notes to their favorite songs from the radio and I have heard them singing along to the Christmas songs they are learning.

It is music to my ears.

And so I’m letting go completely. Forget that I taught piano lessons for years while putting myself through college. Forget that I COULD have kept teaching them. I’m tossing the mom guilt out the window on this one.

I’m going to happily admit that I was failing big time on motivating my boys to learn and grow musically. I’m going to admit that it was too much for me to take on. I’m going to admit that I am relishing their music instead of stressing that I’m not teaching them enough. It’s out of my hands now.

Thank heavens. Now all that’s left for me to do is sit back and listen to the music.

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