April 129It seems like everyone thinks they are a professional photographer these days. And I’ll be the first to admit I’d really like to be one too.

I’ve loved taking pictures ever since I could remember. Pictures have always been an important part of the way I like to remember things – birthdays, vacations, milestones even everyday life. I love to capture it all.

But I am far from a professional. I am a hobbyist at heart – a hobbyist who loves to take pictures of her friends and family.

Several years ago, after I spent way too much money on a studio session with one of my young boys who wouldn’t cooperate, I decided to try my hand at taking my own pictures.

I borrowed my dad’s Nikon and hit the streets with my beautiful little boys. It was a lot of fun (for me, not them.)

I have dressed them up and propped them together many, many times since. They usually are really good sports – except the one time I made them sit on a blanket in the middle of our snowy backyard in order to take winter pictures of them outside with a white background. Or the time I wanted to get pictures of them by the pond near our house when all they wanted to do was explore – I think all three of my boys, and then I, ended up in tears that day.

For the most part they let me snap pictures of them every once in a while. And I have learned a lot by photographing them.

I saved my birthday and Christmas money for a couple of years to be able to purchase my own Nikon. I’ve had it for a year and a half and have taken thousands of pictures with it – partly because I love taking pictures and partly because I have to take dozens of really bad photos in order to get one good one. Ha!

Someday I’d love to spend more time and money learning the real way to do things – lighting, staging, balance, f-stop, shutter speed, etc. I’d love to learn how to spend more time behind my camera taking the pictures and less time behind my computer screen editing them.

Last fall I looked into enrolling at a local photography academy but the timing wasn’t right.

So for now I keep dabbling and practicing unprofessionally (in the little spare time I have). I keep taking pictures of my kids and occasionally friends’ kids when they let me.

Here are some of my favorites from over the years.

Boys photos Feb. 2012 010


November 145


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