Thanksgiving Tree

Tureky 2015We started having our own Thanksgiving dinner when we were first married – back when we could only afford a turkey loaf.

The Sunday or Monday before Thanksgiving we hold a mini feast around our own table. We sit down and talk about what we are thankful for.

Each year we make a bare, leafless, paper tree. As we talk about what we are thankful for we write on small paper leaves then glue them onto the tree.

Usually it’s hard to think of things at first. We feel awkward and the ideas are slow coming. But the more we start listing off items the more the gratitude builds and we end up running out of leaves before we’ve written all the things we would like to include.

Most years the tree ends up looking like a bush it’s so full.

I love to see what my boys think of. I’d like to share some of my favorite leaves written as they appeared on this year’s tree.

– Health

– Unsealed Alien Files

– Warm coat

– No Yankee fans

– One more year of David Ortiz

– Military – Armed Forces

– A TV! – I can’t live without it

– Christmas

– No sience today

– Baseball

– Being Alive

– Fishing

– Fishing line

– Worms

– Tackle

– Bait

– The Ponds

– Hooks

– Studio C

– Lobster Bisque

– Grandparents and great grandparents

– Job

– Music

– A body

– Dino Trux

– Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, all the itos

– A Family

-Heavenly Father and Jesus

– Pictures

– My Babies

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