Walk to Remember

Walk to RememberThis week I’m pretty drained. I signed up to help with Red Ribbon week at the elementary school the same week my daughter celebrated her first birthday and my lingering cold decided to creep down into my lungs. I can’t breathe! And I can’t stop coughing!

Add to that the 15 jars of salsa that needed to be bottled, the relief society craft night that I need to prepare for that’s next Tuesday and the upcoming Utah Share Walk to Remember I’m helping with on Saturday.

Because my life is crazy right now, I decided to share something that is not my own today.

This Saturday I’ll take part in the Utah Share Walk to Remember. I’ll be one of hundreds of family members who will meet at a local park to remember our angel babies.

I’ll carry a balloon as I walk around the park. Then I’ll meet in the amphitheater and wait for my son’s name to be read. That’s when I’ll let my balloon go.

Hopefully it will soar.

This Saturday I’ll be walking to remember. Remember my little Luca.

Before the crowd of moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents of angel babies walk around the park, the following poem will be read. It’s called “Walk to Remember.”

I want to share it with you today.

Walk to Remember

Dear Precious little baby,

I walk for you today,

To share with everyone your love,

In this, my special way;


Oh how I wish you were here,

to come and tag along,

For little one, if you were here

The miles would not seem so long.


I know that you would love to see

The many colored balloons;

And you would love to listen to

Lullabies and tunes.


You’d love to see the leaves that fall,

Red, yellow, gold, and brown,

You’d roll and toss around in them,

You’d laugh and jump around.


It is such a lovely time of year

I wish you could have stayed

I waited, oh, so long for you

So many plans I made;


I know that you are happy

Up in Heaven’s lovely land,

And someday we will meet again,

Together walk hand in hand;


Then we can walk together

As I walk for you today,

I want the whole world to know

This is your special day.


It really does not matter,

Winter, spring, summer or fall,

Dear baby, I still think of you,

Each day your love recall;


I had you such a little while,

But in my heart you’ll always stay,

Look down from Heaven, precious baby…

As I take this walk for you today.

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