Church Clogs

clogsI don’t mind hanging out in sweat pants and a baseball cap. Sometimes I stay in my pajamas all day and I don’t comb my hair.

But at least once a week I try to curl my hair and put on my best attire. Out of respect for my Heavenly Father and my religion, I try to put my best self forward as I head to church each week for Sunday meetings.

So imagine my shock two weeks ago when we rounded the corner into the church parking lot and I looked down to see dirty, bright pink clogs on my feet.


I had been helping load up camping gear into the van before church and forgot to change out of my work shoes.

If you know me well, you know that we were running late and I had no time to head back home and change. I had a split second to choose between the ratty old clogs or bare feet with bright-pink-painted-toenails.

I hung my head in embarrassment and walked into the building wearing a black skirt and nasty clogs.

I have never noticed people’s shoes as much as I did that day. Some women wore cute colorful flats while others walked gingerly in arched stilettos.

It made me want to head to Payless and pick up a couple of new pairs.

The next week I had a shirt mishap.

We went out of town and when I unpacked my church skirt I rummaged through my entire suitcase but couldn’t find my blouse. I was left to choose between wearing a Mickey Mouse or Duck Dynasty t-shirt under my front-open sweater.

I know that the Robinson’s are a religious bunch, but I opted to don the Mickey Mouse shirt. I wrapped my arms around me tightly trying to hide Mickey’s ears.

My kids were dressed in their Sunday best, their hair combed and their shirts buttoned right. But in all the hustle and bustle getting them and their stuff ready, I neglected the fine details of my own attire.

Truly it doesn’t matter what I wear to church. No one was going to kick me out for what I had on. But I giggled to myself both weeks as I sported uncharacteristic apparel.

Hopefully next week will be better. What’s the worst thing that can happen, a skirt malfunction? I sure hope not.

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