One of These Days

One of these days I’ll get up before my children. I’ll take a long bath without an audience.

When I’m done I might round brush my hair and curl the ends under. I’ll put on something other than a hoodie and I’ll make it to the kitchen before any of my offspring.

I’ll mix them up blueberry pancakes and then I’ll cut the crust off their home-lunch sandwiches into something fancy like a dinosaur or racecar. I’ll check their backpacks for papers I need to sign and hang them on the railing.

I’ll do all of this BEFORE they get up.

Then I’ll be ready for them.

One of these days, while my kids are at school, I’ll clean the house. They won’t be able to write their name in the dust on our TV stand anymore.

I’ll get the laundry folded while they’re gone and then I’ll get something ready for dinner. I’ll pay the bills and run my errands.

I’ll weed and rake my flowerbeds.

Then I’ll be ready for them.

One of these days I’ll have my act together.

One of these days.

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