Lamb of God


I’ve done a lot of things for my boys. I’ve stayed up all night making birthday cakes. I’ve read every single children’s shark book ever written. I’ve toted Captain Hook all over the state of Utah.

I have touched a wriggling trout that was hooked in the eye. And if you ask my 6-year-old, I had a baby sister for him.

This past month they got me to do something I will never forget. My oldest two and I performed with people from our surrounding neighborhoods in an Easter production called the Lamb of God.

It was amazing.

The production featured a complete, live orchestra and a handful of professionally talented soloists. I performed in an adult choir and my boys sang like angels in the children’s choir.

My oldest is really into music and so when he heard that our church was doing a show he begged me to let us get involved.

It was hard, busy work. We practiced every Sunday night for months. Then practices really picked up two weeks before the show.

But it was all worth it.

I’ve forgotten how great it feels to perform – the thrill of hitting tight harmonies, the stage lights blazing above, the orchestra tuning before the curtain opens.

The music was moving – songs of our Savior. Songs of his life, his death and the hope he brings to all of us.

I was truly changed by being in this show.

We’re all still singing songs from the production around the house and along with the CD when we hop into the van.

I’m sure it will be something they will never forget either.

It was beautiful. It was inspiring. And I nearly missed out on it. Thank heavens my boys encouraged me to get involved. I can’t wait to see what they get me to do next. 

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