Bully free Book

IMG_20150304_151806My boys are constantly at one another’s throats. They punch, kick, wrestle, poke and flick each other nonstop. Especially the oldest two.

Sometimes I wonder if they are bloodthirsty maniacs.

Then I get a glimpse of their kind-loving hearts and I know that they are going to be just fine.

Like when they confessed to me that sometimes they hug each another on the playground when recess is over and they have to split up again to go back to their classes.

Or when I stand back and watch as one of them helps a classmate up after they take a tumble.

I caught another glimpse into their kind hearts last night as I was cleaning out our bookshelf.

I came across the “Bully Free Book;” a bright green notebook with one handwritten entry.

It reads:

“Please don’t Bully others. Our class and scool try to have it be bully free. If you do all tell mr. Huges and Mrs. Burns.








Bully Free Pledg

I will not bully others

I will rigt wrongs

I will help people that are bulleys

I will repent of herts I have caused

I will tell an adult at home or at school

No bullys!

tell an adult”

They might fight like crazy against each other, and they might try to be macho men, they love each other completely and they are anxious to help others in need. And they hate to see other people in pain.

I am learning a lot from these boys of mine. They teach me how to be a better person each and every day.

Yesterday’s lesson – how to stop being a bully. I’m going to work on “rigting” some wrongs.IMG_20150304_151813

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