Cheap, Easy, Hilarious Valentine’s Ideas

DSCF6434Author’s Note: My children hate doing crafts. However I love doing them. If I ever write about a new craft we did together, just know that I had a great time but my boys had a less than great time. Like when we did these valentines. Rest assured they were weeping and wailing at the kitchen table as I asked them to write a few sentences. How dare I ask them to write anything other than their nightly homework! Don’t get me wrong, they love their grandparents, they just hate putting forth any extra effort – especially when it’s not their idea.

I don’t love Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a dumb holiday that leaves people out. And who needs just one day to show their friends and family that they love them? We all should do that every day.

That said, I love to show people that I love them and I really love to tell them that I love them.

So this year I made my boys write love notes for their grandparents for Valentine’s Day. And can I say that I was laughing so hard at what they wrote I just had to share. I’m including a free printable at the bottom of this post for you to make your own grandparent love notes. If you do, let me know! I’d love to hear what your kids said about their grandparents.

Here’s what we did:

I stumbled across the cutest tutorial for Valentine’s Day mailboxes. You can see that here. I made 28 little advent mailboxes using my Silhouette machine (by the end I was wondering what in the world I was thinking). But they turned out really cute. I put vinyl numbers 1-14 on the side of each mailbox.


Then I had my boys write a note to their grandparents to put in a mailbox for each day. That way they have one love note to read each day from Feb. 1 to 14.


I gave my boys little printed slips of paper with following Valentine’s prompt phrases:

DSCF6411– I love Grandma/Grandpa because ___________________

– I love when Grandma/Grandma _____________________

– I want to give Grandma/Grandpa ____________________

– I love when Grandma/Grandpa ______________________

– Grandma has beautiful ________________________________

– Grandpa has beautiful _________________________________

– Grandma/Grandpa’s kisses are like __________________

– I love Grandma/Grandpa’s ____________________________

– Grandma/Grandpa has my favorite ___________________

It was hilarious to see what they filled in for their blanks. Some of my favorites were:

“Grandma has my favorite tootsie rolls”

“I love when Grandpa plays the Wii with me”

“I want to give grandma $1,000,0”

“Grandma has beautiful hair”

“I love Grandpa’s ribs”

“I love Grandma because she likes the Red Sox”

DSCF6416They were so funny! I cut the notes out, rolled them into tiny scrolls and then put one in each mailbox.

Like I said, my boys didn’t write these notes without complaining. They had a great time coming up with what they wanted to write they just didn’t want to write it. But in the end they did an awesome job. And I hope their grandparents get as big a kick out of the notes as I did.

Especially the note that says, “Grandpa’s kisses are like getting swallowed by a frog.” Seriously?! Who comes up with these things.

Here’s a LINK to where you can download your own grandparent love note prompts to print out, or click on the photos below:

Now I know not all of you have a Silhouette (you are welcome to come borrow mine anytime) but I think these notes turned out to be so fun that you could easily do them without putting them into a paper-cut mailbox. Just roll them up and stick a number on the outside. Or fold them into cute little envelope squares, place them in a wicker basket and hand them to their grandparents to read all in one day.


Here’s another quick and super easy $1 Valentine’s Day craft for friends or family. I saw a framed poster at a local craft store with the ABCs typed out. The I and U were a different color and the O was heart-shaped. When they lined up they made a diagonal “I ‘heart’ U.”


It was so cute I wanted to make my own. I searched Pinterest and found a couple examples to look at for spacing purposes. I typed up my own ABCs, threw a chevron background behind and viola! I had my own printable artwork.

I bought a few $1 frames at the dollar store and put my printed pages inside. They made instant framed Valentine’s notes. So fun! We gave them to my grandparents.

If you want to download and make your own click HERE or click on this photo:

ABC valentine sign tan

Now, I better stop crafting before I break or ruin something.

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