Haunted Hill

DSCF2912My boys are really into aliens, ghosts and zombies, but that doesn’t mean they want to meet any.

I don’t know why they like creepy crawly things – probably because they are boys.

They are really interested in ghosts. We took them to a family-friendly Ghostbuster haunted house last fall. They were thrilled yet anxious as we walked through the “ghost-filled” forest.

At home they love setting up a recorder and trying to capture ghost sounds. Sometimes they’ll put on their homemade Ghostbuster costumes and carry around flashlights as they  “hunt” for ghosts.

But when they are faced with the fact that ghosts may be real they aren’t so thrilled.

We went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum over Christmas break. We walked around the planes and displays like normal. Toward the end of the trip my boys started talking about how they thought the place was haunted.

My 5-year-old even spooked himself into believing he saw a ghost in one of the old helicopters. They walked cautiously through the place after that.

I think they thought it was a game. They were trying to scare each other into thinking the place was haunted.

It was all fun and games until we went to leave.

When we were walking out the door we ran into an elderly man who was volunteering that day at the museum. He asked how our trip was.

That’s when my boys told them they thought the place was haunted. I looked wide-eyed at the volunteer and said something like, “Tell them it isn’t really haunted.”

That’s when he hushed his voice and shook his head at me while he said, “I can’t tell them that because it wouldn’t be true.”

Say what?

I glared at him and said, “But surely there aren’t any mean ghosts here, right?”

He agreed with me and said something like, “Right. The spirits here are all from those who lost their lives defending our nation. They are good spirits.”

You should have seen my boys’ faces. I thought their eyes were going to pop out of their heads. They were both ecstatic and terrified. The museum really had ghosts?

I could have punched that old man.

Isn’t there some kind of adult code? A wink, wink don’t-tell-my-kids-there-really-are-ghosts-in-here conduct to live by? I don’t care if a ghost just flew behind my head. Don’t tell my kids that! Especially if you ever want us to come back!

This old gentleman either never had children or was so far removed from his parenting that he forgot what it was like to live with two boys who really thought there were ghosts.

He forgot about the nightmares kids can get and how when they get nightmares, they crawl into their parents’ bed. He forgot about how scared children won’t go into the basement. He forgot how easy it is for children to hear ghost “noises” throughout the house

Well he better remember fast, or else he’ll scare every kid away. If he keeps it up, no kids will dare visit the museum anymore.

I still don’t know how I feel about ghosts and spirits and haunted sites, but I know that I don’t like to feel scared. And I don’t like my children to feel scared. So I try to stay away from spooky things.

So who knows when we’ll make it back to the museum. And if we do ever go back we’ll probably have to take video cameras, audio recorders, flashlights and our homemade Ghostbuster proton packs.

There you go. You have been warned. If you’re planning a trip to the Hill Air Force Base Museum beware of ghosts.

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  1. Jaclyn
    Jan 16, 2014 @ 09:05:39

    Ha! Ha! I think knowing that new found fact, my kids would want to go to the museum even more. 🙂 So, my problem is that my own husband is like that old man… What do you do with that? The year we spent the night on the Queen Mary… Oh my! For starters, it advertises all around the ship for their ghost tours and when you have kids that can read, ugh! Then, my husband looks it up online and has my kids watch some show (Ghost Hunters or something like that) on the Discovery channel about the ghosts living on the ship. Elizabeth was freaking out! (Ethan was intrigued.) She refused to stay on the ship, but we already paid and the rest of us wanted to, so she sleep with us. :/ Somehow she survived. And funny thing, I think by Ryan exposing them to “scary” stuff has actually made them less scared and better able to deal with similar things. On occasion they get a bit spooked, but for the most part they can see the sensationalized things for what they are and separate them from real life. “Movie magic” is what we like to call the sensationalized things. Taking our kids to the show at Universal Studios where they demonstrate how they use makeup and special effects to create all of those frightening things helped too. They are currently on a zombie kick, including my 2 year old. I personally HATE scary stuff! Sigh. :/


    • Natalie
      Jan 16, 2014 @ 19:54:00

      I hate scary stuff too. If Travis did stuff like that I would scream! Mostly because it would freak me out. I remember when you were telling me about the Queen Mary and we thought about staying there, now I’m glad we didn’t. I probably would have been like Elizabeth. The show at Universal Studios sounds cool. I think it would be good for my boys to see how some “scary” things are made. As for the HAFB museum, we haven’t seen any ghosts…yet 🙂


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