A Year of Living

365 days is a long time for someone like me to hold it all together. That’s more than 8,700 hours to keep my house clean, my laundry folded, my family fed, my bills paid and my hair combed. And when it comes to not yelling at my kids it seems like an eternity

One year can seem like forever.

I’ve decided to limit my resolutions for 2014 to one: I resolve to take my life one day at a time.

I’m not going to stress myself into thinking I’ve got to be awesome each day of the next 12 months.

This year I’m going to try to take it all in stride and hopefully for most of 2014 I’ll be found with a smiling, non-yelling face.

I’m sure each day is going to be different.

I’m going to try to throw out my naturally rigid scheduling-something-every-minute personality and replace it for one that is more flexible; one that is better at improvising.

I’m going to try to follow my mood, my kids’ moods and my husband’s mood. That will dictate what gets done around here, not my calendar.

I’m sure there will be days when I kick it into high gear and scrub my house from top to bottom. But then there will be other days when my house looks like the aftermath of a hurricane and I don’t get out of my pajamas until 3 p.m.

There will be times when I have a lot of energy to chase after my boys outside, and other days when I just want to cuddle with them and read books on our couch.

I have 365 days in 2014. Every day doesn’t have to feature a clean house. Every day doesn’t need to include a warm three-course dinner.

I am sure I won’t shower every day and I know I won’t always make my bed.

Instead of having a year filled with errand running, organization, and mopped kitchen floors, I want a year filled with giggles, ghost stories and adventures.

I want a year filled with memories.

Here’s to 2014.

Here’s to building blanket forts in our basement.

Here’s to singing “What Does the Fox Say?”

Here’s to walking to remember.

Here’s to star gazing and microscope inspecting.

Here’s to running more miles.

Here’s to Saturday morning cuddles and Sunday afternoon movie days.

Here’s to reading more books and learning more Italian.

Here’s to living.

Here’s to 2014.

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  1. Michelle
    Jan 02, 2014 @ 17:07:53

    What a great idea!


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