Quadruple Bypass and a Pacemaker

Life can change in an instant. I saw that again this week.

Saturday afternoon I went to my grandparents’ house for an Easter party. When I got there I found out that my grandpa had fallen, cut his arm really bad and was taken to the emergency room.

They stitched him up, attributed his fall to dizziness from medication he’s on, and sent him home. No big deal.

Until he kept passing out Saturday night and Sunday morning.

On Sunday we found out he needed emergency bypass surgery. His heart had some major blockage. And on top of that, it would stop beating for several seconds at a time.

Four bypasses and a pacemaker later he is finally out of ICU.

It has been a long, stressful week. One in which I’ve thought a lot about life and what keeps us here on earth. A vital organ the size of a human fist tried to control my grandpa’s fate this week.

We are lucky he is still with us.

I’m sure the fact that I will celebrate my stillborn son’s birthday in less than two weeks also has me pondering life.  I drove to the hospital late Sunday night to meet my grandpa’s ambulance.

I couldn’t force away the flashbacks from two years before when my husband and I drove in the dark to the hospital in the middle of the night. Only to find that my intuition was dead on — Luca was gone.

Now my grandpa is on the cardiology floor. The same floor I was moved to after my baby died. He is healing a few rooms away from where I stayed after my loss.

Life has some crazy coincidences.

I know I have written before that I need to not take life for granted. But I can’t help think that my experiences keep reinforcing that fact. And yet I keep taking so many things in life for granted. I’ve got to change.

I am so glad my grandpa is still here.

It is a miracle. A miracle my entire family has been praying for. I am sure it will take him a while to regain his strength, but it looks like he is going to make it.

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