Pine Tree Update

I finally decided I had to know the bitter truth about my poor pine tree so I called in a professional. Dave from Tree Care Solutions in Kaysville, Utah, stopped by today to see if the tree was salvageable.

At first I knew it was bad. He took one look at the tree and shook his head. Who wouldn’t when looking at a naked pine?

But after digging the little tree out and lifting it up, he said that the roots actually looked all right. He told me not to give up hope, but if it didn’t have any new buds next spring, then it probably wasn’t going to come back.

I was extremely impressed by Dave and his professionalism. He was very kind and apologized for the dying tree, even though it was dying because of my lack of care – he said it was most likely a watering issue and the tree got too dry.

He didn’t even charge me for the consultation.

I’ll have to add him to the never-ending list of people who have shown us kindness and grace as we’ve been faced with this tragedy. There really are good people in the world.

I guess I’ll have to cross my fingers and wait a few more months to know the real fate of that poor tree. Meanwhile I’ll give it a fighting chance by keeping it watered and surrounding it with mulch.

My husband said that if it dies we will buy another one. I know it won’t have the same sentimental value as the first one given to us after Luca died, but since Luca’s birthday is on Earth Day, and Utah celebrates Arbor Day on the last Friday in April, and the state tree is the Blue Spruce, it might be fun to start a new tradition where we plant one each spring.

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  1. Jaclyn
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 14:36:02

    Oh! I am glad there is still hope for your tree! I can’t wait to see it budding in the spring. : ) (And what a great guy to come do that for you for free!)

    I absolutely LOVE your new tradition idea! So perfect!


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