Experiential Shopping

Dear craft-store employee,

Thank you for acting like a complete jerk when I asked you to help me find a simple jewelry-making item in your store. I am sure it was horribly rude for me to pull you away from setting up that amazing aisle display to see if you knew where a basic product was.

I really appreciated the way you looked at me like I was an alien recently landed from Mars. Oh, and I loved when you told me you “might” have what I was looking for and then turned back to your “work.”

I guess I can see a little bit where you are coming from. It must be hard to help customers when you have to focus on listening to that craft-store circuit radio headpiece. I bet it’s difficult for you to do that and hang up your aisle display at the same time.

I should never have interrupted. But I promise it won’t happen again.

My favorite part about our interaction was the why-in-the-world-did-you-bring-your-children-in-here? look you gave me. Do you seriously think I would have brought my 4- and 2-year-old boys into a crowded craft store to pick up one jewelry piece if I had a choice? Why in the heck do you think I was asking you to help me find something to begin with? I was hoping you would steer me in the right direction and I could avoid chasing my monsters down unnecessary aisles where the temptation to tear craft supplies from random shelves is uncontrollable.

Trust me it was in your best interest to help me, and help me quickly.

Maybe next time a busy mother comes in your store with two rowdy young children instead of looking at her with a rude, glazed-over stare and making her feel like a complete idiot you should put down your all-important “work,” check your pride at the door and actually muster up some customer service.


A former customer

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  1. Elise
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 08:45:02

    I love it. Oh the times I wish I could actually think up something like that (let alone say it) as the moment is happening, instead of hours later! What a punk.


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